I’m Frustrated with Travel Blogging

I’ve been a “travel blogger” for many years (my first was my Peace Corps’ blog, back in 2006) and have always found it cathartic. I love sharing our adventures with people in the hopes that it will inspire them to visit …

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Frustration Week and a Travel Update


We just returned from a great four day adventure chimp trekking in Gombe National Park (which will get it’s own dedicated blog post, I promise). We were joined by friends and fellow RTW travelers Wes and Katie from It Began …

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Celebrate Good Times


Today was the children’s last day of school before summer break. For the next month, the children and teachers will be off. The children who live at the school will wait for government money to arrive at the school, then …

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An Adventure in Buying Airline Tickets


I had an interesting adventure today for what would typically be a very straightforward, mundane experience: buying plane tickets. We’ve done quite a bit of flying this past year – 49 legs, to be exact – and every time purchasing the …

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Mafia Island


This weekend we took our first proper vacation from Dar and went to Mafia Island. Normally I try not to focus on how we got somewhere, but I think it’s important in this case. There is a ferry that you can …

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Life at the Convent


For the last 5 weeks, we have been living in a convent. Not metaphorically, an actual convent. With nuns and all. This has been quite a departure for us, as we’ve lived almost exclusively at hostels, guesthouses, and hotels for over a …

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Buguruni School for the Deaf


For this week, I thought I would highlight Buguruni School of the Deaf. Every time I go to the school, the day starts with an adventurous walk. From the convent to the school by the main road is about 30 …

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Stay-cations in Dar


We’ve now been in Dar for almost 4 weeks, which is hard to believe. Our days have actually gone by reasonably fast, as me and Sara are both working full-time during the day. Life at the convent is pretty comfortable, …

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