Future Trips to South America

The nice thing about cutting a trip short is that it gives you somewhere to go back to! We wanted to share a bit about some places that we didn’t make it to in South America that we’d love to …

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Top 5 Experiences We Had in South America


Along with the top 5 places we visited, we like to keep track of the top 5 experiences we had in South America. For reference, we consider an experience a specific thing we did, vs. a place, which is more …

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How We Choose Where to Stay

We visit a lot of different cities in our travels; very rarely are we at a place for longer than 3 or 4 days. Because of this, we spend a lot of our time in the current city making plans …

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How We Pack

Sara did a great job explaining what we packed for our trip, and I thought it would be interesting to discuss how we pack. Packing is something we did very frequently; we were on the move usually every 2-4 nights. With …

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Why My Wallet Getting Stolen Didn’t Ruin our Trip


While in Hue, Vietnam, my wallet got stolen. We are pretty sure we left it out in our hotel room one day, and didn’t notice it was gone until we were in our next city. There was no way to …

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Travel Update – The End of the Road?

Our trip home was a long journey, but we made it. We spent our last three days in Dar the Holiday Inn (our final staycation). Our intent was to spend some time going to the local markets and maybe a final …

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I’m Frustrated with Dar es Salaam


I actually wear my feelings about Dar on my sleeve: I really don’t like it here. As I am writing this, the power is out and only one of my three fans is spinning and keeping me cool. The heat, …

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I’m Frustrated with Working While Traveling

We have been really “lucky” during our entire trip to have enough money to sustain traveling. While we saved and behaved financially responsible in the months leading up to our trip, the main reason we are still on the road …

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