Hanging Up Our Backpacks


This post is probably long over-due, but I’ve probably been holding off on writing it since I’m still in denial. It’s official: our long-term traveling, for now, is over. As a matter of fact, we gave back my backpack that …

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Kyle and Sara Go West

In our last travel update, we mentioned we’re looking to settle down in Missouri soon. And that is mostly true. Sara is interviewing for jobs in Missouri, but we still have another month or so before everything is finalized. I am …

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Travel Update – The End of the Road?

Our trip home was a long journey, but we made it. We spent our last three days in Dar the Holiday Inn (our final staycation). Our intent was to spend some time going to the local markets and maybe a final …

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I’m Frustrated with Working While Traveling

This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series Frustration Week:We have been really “lucky” during our entire trip to have enough money to sustain traveling. While we saved and behaved financially responsible in the months leading up to …

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I’m Frustrated with Travel Blogging

This entry is part 2 of 4 in the series Frustration Week:I’ve been a “travel blogger” for many years (my first was my Peace Corps’ blog, back in 2006) and have always found it cathartic. I love sharing our adventures …

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Furthest North, South, East, and West


Sara and I were bored the other day so we looked on the map to see the furthest points north, south, east, and west we had been on our RTW adventure. Here is what we found: North: Helsinki, Finland (60.2° …

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Our Trip Through South America, Mapped


Unlike Asia, we generally followed the route we had originally set out on. However, since we left almost 2 months earlier than expected, there were definitely some alterations that had to be made along the way. Overall we were very …

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Travel Fatigue Got the Best of Us (Again!)


When you think about the idea of quitting your jobs and traveling around the world, the last thing you think of is that you will get tired of traveling. Independent travel typically conjures (and actually produces) the romantic images of hobnobbing …

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