Top 5 Places We Visited in Europe

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Like we did for Southeast Asia and South America, here is our list of favorite places we visited in Europe!

Honorable Mention: Rome

10501631_10100280628620152_7599624630110130556_nWhen in Rome, where all roads lead, nothing was built in a day (sorry, idioms are fun). Rome is a pretty fantastic place. The food is delicious, the Colosseum and the Parthenon and the Vatican are incredibly interesting, and there is espresso and gelato on every corner. Rome is an awesome place to spend time and everyone should go sometime in their life, without a doubt. For us, personally, it only dropped off the list because it’s also crowded, over-touristed, expensive, and was too hot while were there. But, they got to meet Joan Rivers at the Vatican, so that counts for something!

Dinner with the Kaiser and his family

Dinner with the Kaiser and his family

Number 5: St. Gilgen, Austria

St. Gilgen is where we spent a few days with Belgian royalty and really got away from it all. The lake is clear and blue, and the surrounding mountains and countryside is green and authentically Austrian. All of the food we had here (local, organic, etc) was amazing, and it was a fantastic place for us to stop and relax. St. Gilgen probably won’t go on most travelers list because it’s a pain to get to and kind of slow, but for us, it was the perfect respite mid-trip.

Number 4: Berlin, Germany

Berlin is huge and has so much culture and history to it, it’s hard not to love it. We particularly enjoyed the Berlin Wall Memorial, and the education center was riveting. Plus the alternative side of Berlin, with its street art and night clubs, shouldn’t be missed.

Number 3: Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen was the most bike-friendly place we’ve ever been, and we had a great time just exploring the city. Everyone was so nice there, and if it weren’t so damn expensive, we’d likely have spent a lot more time there. Plus they have a theme park in the middle of the city!

Number 2: Budapest, Hungary

Beautiful interiors of the Kellert baths

Beautiful interiors of the Kellert baths

Budapest was the biggest surprise for us, as we sort of thought it would just be “another” eastern European city. It was anything but! The city was beautiful with the river running through it, there were great bath houses, a ton of diverse and good food, and it was easy to get around. Plus they invented Escape Room games here, which earns it a lot of bonus points.

Number 1: Munich, Germany

I think I could get used to this lifestyle!

I think I could get used to this lifestyle!

Of all the places we’ve visited on our whole trip (not just in Europe, everywhere), Munich is the one place that felt like it could be called home. It was so easy to get around (although we almost missed our train to Neuschwanstein!), it’s home to spaetzle, you can go surfing in the park, and it had the German efficiency but without the stodginess. Plus the beer. Oh the beer. Any place where the culture is to go out with your friends or coworkers, have a massive pretzel and a liter of beer, and sit with thousands of your compatriots is a great place, in our eyes.

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