Top 5 Experiences We Had in South America

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Along with the top 5 places we visited, we like to keep track of the top 5 experiences we had in South America. For reference, we consider an experience a specific thing we did, vs. a place, which is more high-level. Although we were only there two months, South America had no shortage of amazing experiences:

Honorable Mention: Horseback Riding in Punta del Diablo, Uruguay



Rarely do you have the opportunity to just take a horse out for a ride, especially along a white-sand beach. Coupled with a couple of bottles of local wine mid-ride, this was a lot of fun, and a great birthday present for Sara.

#5: Biking Wine Tour, Mendoza, Argentina

Drinking wine, tasty snacks, and riding bikes around beautiful countryside. If this sounds like a great day, then you would love Mendoza. There are several routes where you can just rent a bike and hop around to various wineries. We really enjoyed it, and are confident you will, too!

#4: Tsunami Evacuation, La Serena, Chile

We actually hope that no one else has to be a part of a national disaster or civil emergency while they are traveling (or at home for that matter), but sometimes things happen. We were never in any real danger, but going through a tsunami evacuation from start to finish really highlighted the generosity and friendliness of the Chilean people, and was a great reminder that there are good-hearted people all around us, no matter where you are.

#3: Salar de Uyuni (Uyuni Salt Flats), Bolivia

The Salar was amazing from start to finish, with some of the coolest landscapes we’d seen on our entire trip. Driving across the dessert was amazing and taking perspective photos was a ton of fun. This loses points due to the awful organization of the actual tour, but we did make some great friends by being crammed in a land-cruiser for three long days.

#2: Water Activities in the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Sara has her costume ready for the show!

Sara has her costume ready for the show!

Again, it was a tough call bumping the Galapagos out of number one. We did one SCUBA dive and several snorkel trips while we were there, and absolutely loved every one of them. On any given trip into the water, you could play with sealions, follow massive sea turtles, or quiver as a shark swims within feet of you. That’s a tough experience to top, and we’d recommend it to anyone who has the means to make it to the Galapagos.

#1: Carnival, Gualeguaychu, Argentina

The top prize goes to Carnival. Unlike exploring the water in the Galapagos, there was almost nothing natural to see at Carnival. The experience and the atmosphere was electric there – from the minute we took our seats to the final float 5 hours later (at 3 AM), the crowd was up partying and dancing. The floats and costumes were colorful and amazing. Plus, we’ve never seen so many beautiful people in one place. Carnival was a really cool experience, and we hope to see how it is celebrated in other countries as well one day.

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