Future Trips to South America

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The nice thing about cutting a trip short is that it gives you somewhere to go back to! We wanted to share a bit about some places that we didn’t make it to in South America that we’d love to come (back) to and see more of in the future. Some of these may be separate trips but we tried to lump these together geographically.

#4: Easter Island/Santiago/Valparaiso

Easter Island was out of reach for us, both distance and price wise. However, we’d love to see the mysterious Maori figures after spending a few days catching up with new friends in Santiago and spending a bit more time in bohemian Valparaiso. Plus, the flight from Santiago to Easter Island continues on to Tahiti, which would be a nice bonus!

#3: Brazil/Amazon/Iguazu Falls

This will have to be a long trip, as Brazil is huge! But like Argentina, we think it is worth the time to explore as much of it as possible. Unfortunately we weren’t able to make it on this trip, mainly due to the incredible cost between the visa and being there over either Carnival or the World Cup this summer. However, one day we’ll make it and spend time enjoying the beautiful beaches and intimidating jungles. We hope to also make a bonus trip down to Iguazu Falls, which we had to skip in Argentina.

#2: Antarctica/Ushuaia

A nice bonus is that our Argentina visa, while pricey, is good for 10 years. This means that a follow-up trip back to Argentina is definitely in the cards (we’d love to take our parents there, we think they’d love it). Our first stop will be the southern tip, Ushuaia, and then taking a cruise to Antarctica. We almost took one on this trip but decided to save our money for the Galapagos instead (a cruise costs at least $4k/person). Once we’re back gainfully employed, this will be one of our first destinations!

#1: Machu Picchu/Lake Titicaca

Machu Picchu was a tough place to give up, but ultimately the Galapagos won out, as it’s significantly cheaper to backpack/travel there last minute, vs. Machu Picchu, which is pretty much always affordable. This has always been one of our top travel destinations, and bypassing it this trip has only made us want to go even more. We will probably do this trip sometime in the next few years, and try and tack on a quick trip to the highest lake in the world, Lake Titicaca (our Bolivian visa is also good for 5 years, so we’d better use it!).

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  1. Judy Barnes says:

    I am all for going to Argentina. When do we go!?