Travel Update – The End of the Road?

Our trip home was a long journey, but we made it. We spent our last three days in Dar the Holiday Inn (our final staycation). Our intent was to spend some time going to the local markets and maybe a final day at the beach, but we just didn’t. Over the last few months, one of the biggest challenges with living in this new environment, and with Sara out working all day and me at the guesthouse, the time we spent together often wasn’t that enjoyable. One of us always seemed to be tired, or frustrated, or hot. These three days finally gave us some time together where we could get some sleep and stay cool and really reflect on our time here, and refocus on our goals for the future. It was really nice.

Monday afternoon, our favorite taxi driver picked us up one last time. Of course, on the way to the airport, we got stuck in traffic for about an hour and a half, but we finally made it to the airport. Sara’s flight departed about 2 hours before mine, so there was a lot of sitting (and sweating) in the terminal before we both finally made it out of Dar. We both had our fair share of travel problems; my flight was delayed for several hours both in Doha (medical emergency) and Philadelphia (weather), and Sara’s bags didn’t make it to customs in Toronto before she had to sprint to her next flight. So we both eventually made it home on the 23rd, just with no bags and a nasty head-cold for Sara. Luckily our bags eventually showed up, on Christmas morning, hours before we left St. Louis for two weeks.

Christmas was really nice with our families, and we are looking forward to visiting friends in Kansas City, Oklahoma City and Dallas over the next few weeks. The big question lingering for both of us is what’s next. We have a couple of irons in the fire, ranging from fairly normal to fairly hare-brained, but the number one on our list right now is to move to Columbia, MO. We wanted to move closer to home from the beginning, but weren’t sure if that would be somewhere as close as Columbia, or more within a day’s drive, like Dallas, Denver, or Chicago. With most of my family here, both of our best friends here, and some great local restaurants and a decently walkable downtown, we think it might be a good choice for us for a few years. Sara has a job interview here in early January, and I will likely continue to work remotely regardless of where we end up.

So, of course nothing is definite or permanent yet, but that’s our general game plan. Does that mean this is the end of the travel road for us? Doubtful. We already have some great trips planned for this year and there will surely be many more to come. But traveling full-time has been tiring and we’re ready for a break for a while. We’ll keep everyone updated over the next few weeks as our plans unfold.

Between now and then, we have a large backlog of blog posts to put up. We of course had amazing safaris and gorilla trekking excursions, plus we want to share about our finances and experiences in South America, Europe, and Africa the past year. Plus, I had my wallet stolen a while ago, and almost got robbed in Dar a few weeks back, so I will try and share about those as well. And of course, another New Years reflection post. So stay tuned. To all our readers, we hope you had a happy holidays and have a great New Years!

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4 Responses to Travel Update – The End of the Road?

  1. Sarah says:

    Sky’s the limit you two! You’ll find adventures no matter where you land. May we suggest Columbus? All our best wishes for a full and healthy New Year! Sarah & Dominic