Frustration Week and a Travel Update

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Short and Tall Tales + It Began in a Balloon, post-chimp trekking. Photo courtesy of IBiaB.

Short and Tall Tales + It Began in a Balloon, post-chimp trekking. Photo courtesy of IBiaB.

We just returned from a great four day adventure chimp trekking in Gombe National Park (which will get it’s own dedicated blog post, I promise). We were joined by friends and fellow RTW travelers Wes and Katie from It Began In A Balloon. While what we saw and did was excellent and a lot of fun, the real highlight for us was spending quality time with other travelers who are in the same situation as us. They are Americans, our age, who quit their jobs 7 months ago to travel long term, blog about it, and have shared a lot of the same highs and lows we have while traveling the last 16 months.

One conversation that really stuck with me was our discussion about travel blogging. We discussed our motivations for keeping a blog, and some of the concerns and insecurities around posting on a blog. My takeaway was that I am sometimes too reserved, and that we have quite a few good and bad stories that we don’t share for both good and bad reasons. My goal for the next week is to challenge those reasons. So I’m calling this week, “Frustration Week”. I’m going to try and post an article every day until we leave¹, covering a gamut of things I hate about traveling, the road leading to our travels, and expectations for what’s next. Of course, I am using the word “hate” flippantly. We understand that we are in a fortunate circumstance to be able to travel (and blog about it). But that doesn’t mean there aren’t frustrations, which I hope will provide a little more insight into what long-term travel is like.

¹Some of you probably just clicked this post because it says, “Travel Update”. So here goes… we will be in Dar until next Tuesday, December 22. We fly home separately. Sara is heading straight back to St. Louis via Addis Ababa and Toronto on Ethiopian Airlines, and I am going via Doha and Philly on Qatar Airlines, which a stop-over to see my good friend Alex and their new baby. We’ll spend Christmas home with our families (yay!), and then drive to Dallas for New Years to catch up with our friends there. After that we’ll be back in Missouri and… the rest is still to be determined. More on that in a future Frustration Week post!

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