Safari in Kruger National Park, Part 2

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Our lunch partners

Our lunch partners

Having narrowly escaped our encounter with the water buffalo, we headed back to camp for breakfast and another afternoon game drive. We didn’t see much wildlife, except at both lunch and dinner. As we were snacking on breakfast, three warthogs walked up to the nearby (fenced off) trash pile and had a breakfast of their own. Needless to say it was not especially appetizing. But it was better than lunch… As we were eating, a monkey appeared on the fence and started watching us. Then another joined, and started inching closer. Apparently we showed fear, because with 30 seconds about 8 hungry looking monkeys had us surrounded and were inching towards our table. Having just watched the new Planet of the Apes movie on the flight down, we fled, and when we returned with our game warden, our sandwiches were long gone. Well done, monkeys.

Treehouse room

Treehouse room

Anyway, that evening before we moved to Marc’s Treehouse Lodge in a neighboring game reserve. Our room was quite rustic, and was made of all natural materials. Impressively, it still had a shower (no hot water though) and bathroom. It looked over a nice river where supposedly many animals come to drink, which was nice. It was probably the second most rustic place we’ve stayed, after our little beach shack on Ko Phi Phi (thankfully is was nicer, and with fewer spiders – although some rodent thing did drop in briefly).

Anyway, the rest of the camp was nice. We had all our meals in a communal area around a campfire. Overall it was a really good experience, with lots of travelers sharing what they had spotted on their game drives. After a restless night’s sleep, we set out for our full day drive through Kruger. There was only 6 of us in our open air vehicle, which gave everyone a window seat. All told we were there almost 7 hours, and we saw quite a few animals throughout the day. Some highlights:

  • Seeing a newborn baby elephant and his mom cross the road in front of us
  • The large lake full of crocodiles and hippos, with giraffes, zebras, and elephants all drinking from the water
  • Finally spotting some lions from afar after a long day without seeing any cats
  • Seeing a dead impala that had been pulled into a tree by a leopard

It was quite a nice day, and a great end to our time in Kruger. The next morning, after a short bush walk, we went back in the van for the long ride home. We stopped at the Blyde River Canyon, which (they claim) is the third biggest canyon (sure). Anyway, it was actually incredibly beautiful, both on the drive and at the lookout points at the top. Definitely a nice end to the trip. We’ll leave you with some pictures:

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