We’re Off to Africa!

The blog has been a bit quiet the last couple of weeks. We’ve been busily planning our trip to Africa alongside visiting both our families and friends in Missouri. It’s been exhausting, but we are finally at the airport in St. Louis and ready for our next stop, South Africa!

We have an exciting two weeks planned for South Africa that will give us a bit of a vacation before heading to Tanzania where we’ll both be working most of the time. We start with one of the longest flights in the world tonight, a 16.5 hour, 8500 mile non-stop flight from Atlanta to Johannesburg. Once we arrive, we set off the following morning for a 4-day safari in Kruger National Park, where we hope to see all of the Big 5. We follow that with a day tour of Soweto and Johannesburg before flying to southern South Africa.

Our final 6 days will be a self-driving road trip through the “Garden Route”. We have a lot of exciting adventures planned, including a sea-kayaking trip with whales, dolphins and seals, a view beautiful hikes through national parks; visiting the southernmost point of Africa, and wine tasting in and around Cape Town. It will be an amazing couple of days, and unfortunately, for the first time on our trip, we’ll be on a fixed scheduled, much to our dismay. But we’re trying to make the most of it and pack our days as full as possible!

So, stay tuned for more updates throughout the next few weeks. We’re excited to continue our adventures!

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