Surprise (or not) – We’re Heading Back on the Road

As always here at Short and Tall Tales, we like to keep you on your toes.  We have been pretty quiet on our blog recently, for good reason.  We have been planning a surprise leg (for us, and for you) of our journey. But on September 29, we leave for Africa, and will be living in Tanzania for almost 3 months!

We'll be hanging out with guys like this for the next three months! (courtesy of Creative Commons)

We’ll be hanging out with guys like this for the next three months! (courtesy of Creative Commons)

How did this all come about? In our minds, our trip always had a one year expiration date for both financial and mental reasons.  The constant moving and decision-making related to travel can be exhausting, and honestly, I missed working.

Kyle and I traveled separately for the first time in our trip this July.  He went back to Boston, and I went to an audiology conference in Oxford.  At the conference, I made connections with other hearing professionals across the globe.  Afterward, Kyle and I kept traveling, trying to figure out what we should do when we get back to the United States in September. At the same time, I stayed in touch with the people I met in Oxford.

The day we left Frankfurt, I got an offer from a great organization, Sound Seekers, to help set up an audiology clinic in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.  It is a wonderful opportunity for me to get my feet wet in audiology again, and a great chance for the organization to have a longer-term volunteer. I went to South Africa in graduate school and feel strongly about the need for sustainable hearing healthcare in Africa. While Kyle has always been excited about traveling to Africa, we didn’t think it was in the cards for this trip until this opportunity arose.

So, we leave on September 29th and will spend about 2 weeks in South Africa before settling in Dar until Christmas.  Needless to say, this was a surprise for both us and for our families, but we are looking forward to exploring Africa and the adventures that lie ahead.

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4 Responses to Surprise (or not) – We’re Heading Back on the Road

  1. Mary Gobble says:

    Wonderful news! Love this new extension to your travels! By the way, Kyle may/may not know that an A13 Armenian RPCV and his wife lived exactly where you guys are headed in Tanzania; Eric Friesth and his wife!

  2. Mary Gobble says:

    Meant to type “live” so currently!