Bucharest to Brussels – Introduction and Our Route

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Long time no see! We returned a week ago from backpacking in the Balkans, and it was an amazing trip. We realize that we’re a bit behind on blog posts from that trip, but we hope to get them posted over the next few days.

Germans celebrate their World Cup victory

Germans celebrate their World Cup victory

We’ve been keeping busy in Frankfurt watching the last rounds of the World Cup, and had a great time out last night celebrating Germany’s victory! It was a lot of fun being in a country when they win such a prestigious tournament. It was even more enjoyable to observe how the Germans in particular celebrate. Keeping in mind that Germans, in general, love to follow rules, I think you’ll appreciate this duality:

  • When the referee blew the final whistle, the bar lit up: there were sparklers in champagne bottles, and most of the bar patrons were up dancing on the tables (this was at a classy restaurant). However, the restaurant shut all the windows and doors to the outside about 5 minutes before so as to not disturb the neighbors.
  • Most every car on the street had their horn blaring, music blasting, and at least 2 or 3 (sometimes 6) occupants hanging out of the windows, cheering and waving German flags. All of them also had their emergency blinkers on and stopped at all the stoplights and crosswalks.

But, tomorrow we set off again on another journey in Europe, and this one will be about a month long, all told. We start in Munich, where we will meet Sara’s friend Vin from college, and then together we will visit Rome. In late July, Sara and I split up for a few days, as I’m going back to the US for a few days, and Sara is going to Oxford for a conference. In late July, we start a two-week backpacking adventure through Transylvania, Romania and Hungary. It should be a great trip. Here it is in map view:

Munich, Germany >>
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