Our Trip Through South America, Mapped

Unlike Asia, we generally followed the route we had originally set out on. However, since we left almost 2 months earlier than expected, there were definitely some alterations that had to be made along the way. Overall we were very satisfied with our trip, but definitely hope to make it back one day to see what we missed.

Here was our original plan:

Here is what we actually did:

Some notable changes included:

  • Spending a lot of time in Argentina, including Patagonia. We didn’t do a lot of research before coming to Argentina, other than asking for some recommendations from my former co-workers and friends that live there. We are glad we ended up following their advice, as we saw some fantastic things. Even with the month we spent there, we still missed some areas we’d like to return to, especially Iguazu Falls and Salta.
  • Breezing through Chile. Because we spent so much time in (expensive) Argentina, we decided to zip through Chile in order to save money. We felt like we still hit the hot spots, and figured if we ever came back to go to Easter Island we’d visit Santiago at that time.
  • We didn’t finish Bolivia. But we were so fatigued being there, we just couldn’t do it.
  • We added the Galapagos. It was awesome and we are so happy we did!
  • We skipped Peru, most of Ecuador, and Colombia. As of a result of leaving South America early, we had to cut out some places we’d been looking forward to, especially Machu Picchu in Peru and the Amazon jungle in Ecuador. But, the nice thing about South America is that flights are quick and easy from the US, cost about the same whether you plan them in advance or show up last minute, and can be covered using only a week or so vacation time with minimal jetlag.
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