The Adventure Begins with a Road Trip!

After a long weekend of packing and teary goodbyes, we left Boston early Monday morning for a three-day trip across country back to Missouri to visit our families before leaving for China. Instead of cramming the 20 hour drive into two long days, we decided to take an extra day and cross one last thing off our New England todo list: Cooperstown.

We wanted to go for two reasons: we’re both big baseball fans, and we love Ommegang beer. Plus, at only four hours away from Boston, it would make the first day easy following an exhausting weekend. We left bright and early and arrived at Ommegang around noon. The brewery is in the middle of nowhere with no cell service, so make sure your GPS has battery life left!

2013-08-19 14.20.12

The Ommegang Brewery – a beautiful old farmhouse on a ton of land in central New York

The brewery itself was really nice. They were purchased several years ago by Duvall, a Belgian brewery, and they’ve pumped a lot of money into the site. They have some impressive bottling machinery, a nice beer garden and sprawling grounds where they are growing their own hops. The tour was just OK, but the tasting afterwards was fun. Ommegang only makes ales, but they have a wide variety including wheats, ambers and pale ales. You won’t find hoppy beers here, which is fine with me. Apparently because the Belgians don’t like them!

Pouring beers at Ommegang

Pouring beers at Ommegang

There is a cafe on site which is pretty good. We had mussels in a wit beer, cream and truffle oil broth, pom frites with beer ketchup and beer mustard, and lamb sliders cooked in their 3 Philosophers beer (notice a trend here?). And chased it all down with some beers, of course.

We then made our way into Cooperstown proper, which is not big and looks like most small northeast farm towns. Except its entire downtown is all baseball shops, which is more than I’ve ever seen in any every other city combined.

In front of the Baseball Hall of Fame, Cooperstown, NY

In front of the Baseball Hall of Fame, Cooperstown, NY

We got to the Baseball Hall of Fame around 2 and stayed for about 5 hours. It’s definitely a baseball lover’s dream. There were exhibits on everything from baseball in the 1800s to the history of mascots. One of our favorite parts was a trivia game they had like Who Wants to be a Millionaire. It was fun to watch all of the old hardcore baseball fans rattle off trivia answers. The other highlight was seeing all of the Cardinals memorabilia, such as jerseys of great players, including the tattered David Freese jersey from his walk off 2011 World Series game 6 win. An epic memory that Sara and I will not soon forget.

2013-08-19 18.15.33

David Freese’s tattered jersey from the 2011 World Series

After catching up on sleep in Syracuse, we woke up Tuesday and made a quick pit stop in Seneca Falls, NY, which is where the women’s suffrage movement got started. We saw the chapel where they held the first convention, and also Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s house. You could tell the sites, which are run by the National Park Service, are very underfunded. The house was almost empty (the ranger said they can’t get the money to refurnish it) and the exhibits were hard to follow. However, it was over 70 years between the first convention (1848) and the passing of the 19th Amendment (1920) which is tough to chronicle.

We spent Tuesday evening in Columbus, OH with our friends Sarah and Dominic. They treated us to a delicious Lebanese meal for my birthday. Wednesday, we made a final stop in Indianapolis, IN, where our friend Lauren was there on business. Overall, it was a great road trip, but we are happy to finally be back in Missouri to prepare for the first leg of our trip.

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    So glad you guys are writing a blog!! Have fun!!!!